Du-rag is undoubtedly a popular fashion item that has gained wide acceptance, especially from teenagers and youth. While some believe it a lovely fashion item, the rest have one or two negative perception about it. Due to this, du-rags have been affiliated with many things. By some, it is perceived as a secret code of bad gangs, while some also perceive it to have ties with the underworld. The issue of du-rags has become so intense that a particular school in the United States banned the use of du-rags due to the fact that the school perceived the exquisite fashion item to be culturally ill-suited. Also, in the year 2001, the fashion item was also banned by NFL from being worn by players. The intent to improve the image of the NFL fuelled that decision.

Nonetheless, by thinking rationally, can we agree with the particular group of people that find du-rags inappropriate? The objective fact about this stereotype is that it is unrealistic, and du-rags rather have many benefits, thus influencing its popularity. Du-rags emerged in the 19thcentury but never gained wide awareness until in the 1930s during the period of “Harlem Renaissance” and “Great Depression.” This was the period people became aware of the benefits of du-rags and included it in their fashion style. Some of these benefits are listed and expounded below:

  1. It improves hair texture: In the world we live in today, a considerable number of people are facing the problems of rough and dry hair. This is typically due to the pollution in the atmosphere that induces moisture evaporation in hairs. This eventually makes the hair super dry and rough. One of the best solutions for people that face this problem is constant wearing of du-rags. Wearing du-rags after putting oils, creams, or any other product that moisturizes hair helps to ripple the effect of the product used. This is due to the fact that the du-rag would impede the moisture from evaporating.
  2. For braids maintenance: One of the problems most women who love braids face is stray hair. Men who do braids also face this same problem. However, do you know a very good solution to get rid of this problem is constantly wearing du-rags. Du-rags prevent stray hairs from becoming loose by putting braided hair together. Wearing du-rags is a smart way to maintain your braids if you really love it.
  3. For the prevention of eye irritation in summer: It is has been proven that people who work in summer tend to experience excess sweat, especially from their scalps. The sweat they experience on their scalps gradually drips till it touches their eyes, which causes irritation to the eyes. This irritation is definitely uncomfortable to anyone, making no one ever wanting to experience it. Quite a lot of people are unfortunately unaware that they can avoid this discomfort by simply wearing du-rags.
  4. Prevents discomfort during sports and exercises: Long hairstyles have become so popular in the world we live in today. Both men and women do long hairstyles, and athletes are not excluded. Long hairstyles definitely make many of these athletes appear good, but you do not want to know the degree of discomfort it brings to them during trainings, exercises, and sports. Long hairstyles can at anytime blow in their faces while they are involving in sports, which may induce poor performance. By simply wearing du-rags, you can engage in any activity without experiencing discomfort, irrespective of the length of your hair.
  5. Sunlight protection: If your hair is regularly exposed to sunlight, it may get dull. People who love to take sunbaths are the major sufferers of this. Not to worry, even if you love sunbaths, you can avoid this problem by just wearing du-rags.
  6. Keeps your hairstyle intact: No one wants to make a beautiful hairstyle that would end up looking scattered. This has been admitted to be one of the most unpleasing things that can happen to anyone’s hairstyle. Wearing a du-rag is one way one can ensure that one’s hairstyle stays intact, regardless of the activity one carries out. Wind and other factors can cause the messing up of one’s hairstyle, which is almost inevitable when one is outside. You may want to attend a party with your lovely hairstyle but the wind on your way to the party will eventually mess up your hair – Just wear a du-rag and put it off when you get to the party.
  7. Bikers’ benefit: In some countries, it is against the law to ride a bike without the use of helmet. However, some bikers are reluctant to wear a helmet because of sweat. When a helmet is worn on a long bike trip, the biker’s scalp tends to secret sweat and sebum, which may have contact with the helmet’s foam. When this happens, the helmet produces an obnoxious smell, which brings discomfort to the biker when next he/she intends to use it. A simple solution is to wear a du-rag before wearing the helmet.

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I personally really love durags but I keep on getting told it’s just for MEN like we’re in AD but I want to start my own collection of durags labels silks and velvets and more thanks for the tip

Teresa handa May 28, 2020

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