It is unarguable that the popularity of durags is on the rise all around the world. A hair grooming kit which was traditionally worn by African American men to keep their hairstyle in place and formerly seen as a global black culture has evolved to become a trendy fashionable headwear.  Durags were primarily a tool of preserving the hair after it has been brushed down and when consistently used, it creates an admirable curly ripple like waves. The head covering was also a means to protect hairdo like braids and cornrows, keeping them neat and locked. However, today the popularity of durags has proved the headwear to be more than a hair accessory but a hot trendy fashion item for men and women. To this effect, the sales of durags are seen going up on major e-commerce websites.


The popularity of durags was initiated by African American rappers and hip-hop musicians who wore it on a daily basis and made it as a medium to express their good sense of fashion. This brought the headwear to the limelight, and in no time sportsmen and other celebrities embraced it, soaring the popularity of durags among young fans. The more the durag trend, the more the number of people who choose to own enough to match different colors of their outfits, leading to large sales of durags in local stores. The challenge of stereotype and unjustly labeling men that wear durags as criminals, or simply irresponsible men, forced many people to disassociate with the headwear, and avoid wearing it in public at some time.  However, the durag could not be ignored even after the NBA placed a ban on players from using them in the year 2001. 

In recent times, the culture and the popularity of durags are finally back on track as the durag has reemerged as a trendy fashion leading to massive growth in the sales of durags. From models for big clothing lines to sportsmen and musicians, the durag has become a hot and popular fashion piece, and the sales of durags are rapidly on the rise.  Made for men, women, and children, the durag is no longer a fashion for African American men, but a headwear for a show of character and personality for anyone. The durag is a distinctive headwear, for it makes anyone wearing it stand out in the crowd by complementing their dressing in a unique way.

The top reasons why the popularity of durags is rapidly growing are as follows;

The trendy 360 Waves

The popularity of the 360 waves, the wave curly hairstyle, has to lead to the popularity of durags all around the world. It is an open secret that this stylish hairstyle popular among African American men can only be created and maintained by frequent use of the durags. A trendy hairstyle for men all over the world who love to keep their hair short, trimmed, yet stylish, the formation of the 360waves is the major drive for the sales of durags online and on drop shipping websites.  


Improved products quality

In recent times, durags are made from improved fabrics and a combination of different fabrics, giving rise to durags with better appearance, comfort, class, and stylishness.  The use of quality materials to make durags has elevated the hear covering, as it's no longer seen as a rag in a derogatory way. Durags of today are made from quality silk, satins, linens, polyester-satins, and velvet, making it attractive to men and women who see the headwear as a means to make a fashion. Addition, durags are made in so many different colorful patterns, providing lovers with numerous choices.


Popularity among fans of celebrities

Most fans of celebrities love to copy the lifestyle of their idol, including their fashion sense. Therefore, it is not strange that fans all over the world are embracing the durag. The popularity of durag among celebrities has resulted in the durag being regarded as a high-end fashion. Stars from all continents of the world are seen wearing the durag, making their numerous fans all around the world to fall in love with this headwear. During tours, shows, and games of a durag tying celebrity, fans, supporters, and spectators are seen in their numbers adorning the headwear.  It is a thing of pride and identification for followership. Eminem, Ja-Rule, 50 Cent, Davis Beckham, John Trivota, and Rihanna are some of the celebrities that have been seen donning the durags. This had led to enhanced sales of durags for both online and offline stores.

Serves as a scarf for Women

Covering of hair with scarves has always been trendy for women. Thus the popularity of the durag is high among the ladies. Women wear durags to keep their hair in place at night and avoid messing the pillow, protect their braids and hairdo, and also to have a change of look.

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