Quite definitely, everyone understands what it means to be in the period of summer: heat, humidity, and even excess heat are all expected during this period. Since majority of us are aware of the adverse effect of heat on our skin, we tend to care solely on protecting our skins during this period. Unfortunately, we begin to notice some damages done to our hair before it strikes to us that protecting our hair is also crucial. A worthy thing to note is that our hairs slightly differ from each other, thereby requiring distinct protection routine. Also worthy of note is that being a black person means your natural hair won’t be as shiny as Caucasian hair or permed hair, so every black person should be realistic with his/her expectation as regards hair.


A frequent complaint from black men and women is that their hairs are usually dry or dull, which makes them worried when summer starts approaching, as their hairs could easily become drier and duller. Summer will eventually come, and both black men and women still crave for the fun that could be possible under the sun, but it may be detrimental to their hair if proper care is not taken. Your usual hair care routine has to be tweaked when this lovely season comes in order to maintain a healthy and good looking hair.

Since the season induces exposure to the sun, chlorine chemical residues, saltwater, and chemical sun streaks, havoc can be caused on your tresses so easily. After meticulous research, it has been concluded by experts that by the end of summer, hair can be profoundly dehydrated that one may think that it had been fried. To prevent your hair from being dry, discolored, and damaged, while you have utmost fun during summer, the tips below are crucial to be adhered to.

  1. Use water to drench your hair and apply conditioner before swimming: Pools, oceans, lakes, and whatnot, are places one may love to visit during summer. However, the application of a coat of conditioner to your hair and drenching it water can do a lot of protection to your hair. This is what will fill up the gaps in your hair shaft and be a hurdle from the chlorinated water. You should always wear a swim cap if you must swim. Unfortunately, many perceive swim cap to be uncomfortable or attractive, but it is the best option to protect your hair while swimming. You should also wash and condition your hair immediately you are done swimming.
  2. Do not over-shampoo or under-condition:
    During summer, it is recommended that you do not shampoo your hair more than once every week. You can simply rinse your hair with your conditioner during days that you avoid shampoo. I believe you must have done your research and read good reviews before purchasing the products you use on your hair. Therefore, all you have to do is apply a sufficient quantity of your favorite condition to your hair, gently comb your hair, rinse, and style. This is a highly effective way to pump sufficient moisture to your hair without marring its essential nutrients.
  3. Apply sunscreen and hydrate your curls daily:
    In the world we live in today, sunscreens are now among greatly effective ways to protect not only skin from sun, but also hair. There are considerable products out there in stores that can be purchased at modest prices to protect your hair from sun’s rays, due to containing chemicals such as SPF. It is also crucial to hydrate your curls every day, as it softens your hair, makes it easy to comb your hair, and moisturizes it.
  4. Be extra gentle with your hair:
    Especially in the period of summer, your hair should be treated exactly like an exquisite silk blouse. Make use of gentle hydrating shampoo and rich conditioner. Use good quality products, massage your hair gently, rinse thoroughly, and ensure your products have some great ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, silk amino acids, wheat germ, etc. As blacks, we should understand that our hairs are very delicate, so we should avoid over-styling. Do not do much once – some want to color and relax their hairs once, but they are oblivious to the repercussion.
  5. Wear du-rags:
    This is, in fact, the simplest way to protect your hair from the sun. Although there are many alternatives of fashion items that can be worn on the head to protect the hair from the sun during summer, but du-rags are indubitably one of the best. Apart from the fact that du-rags will prevent your hair from getting dry and dull, there are still other benefits that come with purchasing and wearing a du-rag. Other fashion items that can be worn on the head to maintain healthy hair throughout summer include a hat, baseball caps, bonnets, snapback, etc. 

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